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Directory Q&A

Directory Q & A

As the local brand becomes more and more desirable, the Spring 2015 Belmont-Watertown Local First Business Directory is an even better deal for you: It is the only business directory that verifies that your business is not only located in town, but is also headquartered in our state, is not publicly traded, and operates independent of externally imposed corporate guidelines. The customer comes first....not the stockholders. Our directory celebrates our unique and wonderful member businesses and builds community. It informs the public that there are local independent alternatives to big chains, lets them know about independent contractor members who may not have store-fronts, and explains why spending Local First is a good idea. It is an educational tool and a marketing tool, rolled into one.

Q: Why should I have a business listing in the Belmont-Watertown Local First Directory? A: The directory will be one of Belmont-Watertown Local First’s biggest marketing tools and our biggest project. It is compact enough to fit into a purse or glove compartment, and makes it easy for consumers to find your business and buy local! It will be available town-wide at all our member businesses, apartment and condo complexes, public buildings, banks, real estate offices, and at all public events where we can have a presence – over 15,000 available free to consumers!

Q: What do I need to do in order to have my business listed in the new Directory? A: Just two easy things: 1) You need to be a member in good standing, meaning that your membership dues are paid, before the Directory is printed, or your business will not be included. 2) You need to verify that your business listing on our website correct, as we use this information for your listing in the book. If everything is correct and listed in the way you want it, then you don’t need to do anything further. If you need to make changes, contact us and we can help you!

Q: Can I have my business listed in more than one category? A: Yes. The cheaper (free!) option is to have a single-line cross-reference printed in the second category: Your full information would be printed in one category of your choice, and there would be a listing in the other category saying “see listing in (first category), p. 35”. Or you may choose to pay $75 per additional listing to get a complete listing in both categories, with all your contact information. We’ll be happy to accommodate your preferences, but please let us know by June 5th if you’d like additional listings or cross-references, as this can have a major effect on the final layout of the Directory.

Q: What are my options for advertising? A: Members get a free listing, and can choose to purchase a 1/4, 1/2-page, or a full page ad to increase their visibility in the book (see below). Smart Start discounted ad prices are shown below (in red):

These prices are in effect only for members who join or renew before June 5.
Ad Size Smart Start ad rates (if pay membership at the same time).
1/4-page ad (2 1/8 high x 3 ¾ in. wide) $125 Regular Price $150
1/2-page ad (4 ¼ high x 3 ¾ in. wide) $250 Regular Price $300
Full page ad (8 ½ high x 3 ¾ in. wide) $500 Regular Price $600

Q: What does “camera-ready” mean? In what format should I submit my ad? A: “Camera-ready” means that no alteration needs to be made to the ad in order to print it. Ads will be printed in full color, and can include any logos or pictures that you wish to include; the design is completely up to you. Ads MUST be submitted in digital format as a PDF file, adjusted to the correct size. The resolution should be at least 300 DPI at the final size, and CMYK color format is preferred (though not required).

Q: I don’t have an electronic version of my ad, and I don’t have a marketing person or employee to design one—what can I do? A: We don't have a design team, but we can recommend someone to format your ad for you. All ads must be submitted in their final form (camera-ready PDF) by the June 5th copy deadline. If you want to alter your ad after this deadline (changes to contact information, byline, etc.), we will do our best to help, but it may not be possible once the proofs have gone to the printer. Post deadline changes will be at the discretion of the printer and may incur additional charges.

Please support the local independent business organization that supports you: Join Belmont-Watertown Local First, renew your membership, and advertise in our signature publication, the one, the only --

Spring 2015 Belmont-Watertown Local First Business Directory!

Do you have other questions that aren’t answered here? Just email us at info@bwlocalfirst.org or call us at (617)510-1648, and we can help!

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