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Welcome to Belmont-Watertown Local First

Belmont-Watertown Local First is a network of locally owned and independent businesses working to build a strong local economy and a vibrant community.

We love the people, the architecture, and the unique stores and shops that give Belmont and Watertown their special flavor. We’ve all seen the damage that can be done to a city when chain stores arrive: raising the rents, homogenizing the look and feel, driving out locally owned shops and stores and taking away a city’s distinctive character. It is a Belmont-Watertown Local First priority to prevent this from happening.

The character of our community is worth preserving. We hope you will join Belmont-Watertown Local First as a general or sponsoring member, or as a community associate, and help increase the strength and vitality of the community we cherish.


If you missed our Self-Love Sunday event on February 22nd don't despair. It was a great success, and we intend to follow it up with another, bigger self-care event! So watch this space and once our next date is posted don't forget to plan ahead! Come network with our members, enter the raffles, and learn how to improve your health and appearance from our self-care sector members!

For more info, contact:

Rena Baskin, Community Liaison, 617-510-1648

For more info, email: inf@bwlocalfirst.org

The Planning (Steering) Committee will gather on Monday, March 2nd from 6:30-8:00 PM in the Community Room at Eastern Bank in Watertown Square.

For more info, contact:

Rena Baskin, Community Liaison, 617-510-1648

For more info, email: info@bwlocalfirst.org


It's time for the first 2015 Belmont-Watertown Local First B2B Networking Night!

Don't miss this opportunity to meet members and friends on
from 5:30– 8:00 PM in
The Gallery at Digital Silver Imaging
9 Brighton Street, Belmont

You are invited to stop by after work to enjoy light local fare, beverages, photographic art in the Gallery, and networking with other local independent businesses and potential customers.

Spread the Word

Now there's an alternative to investing in big national corporations: Invest locally! Learn how: http://www.yesmagazine.org/new-economy/like-shopping-at-local-businesses...

Member Profile

DIGITAL SILVER IMAGING was founded by Eric Luden in July 2008. Eric's passion for black & white photography and his long history in the photo industry provided the necessary groundwork for a new business. Initially, DSI started in 850 sq feet at 11 Brighton Street in Belmont, next door to Zeff Photo.

As digital photography evolved, many of the traditional printing methods faded, especially for black & white photographs. As an executive with Ilford Photo, Luden had witnessed all the changes within the industry and was frustrated with the output for quality black & white printing. In 2006, Ilford developed a true silver gelatin photographic paper that could be exposed from a digital photographic laser enlarger and processed in traditional photo chemicals. This produced a true B&W silver print that was truly archival and free of any color variance.

DSI originally offered scanning and printing services for B&W photographers, and expanded in 2009 to offer matting and framing services. The Griffin Museum of Photography appointed DSI as an official satellite location with a small gallery space and 6-7 shows per year. DSI added fine art color printing up to 44" wide in 2010. By 2011 the company had grown from 2 full time employees to 4, plus various student interns When. Zeff Photo closed in November of that year, the building was sold and renovated. JW Construction worked with Luden and his team to create a brand new 2,500 sq foot facility, and to expand the Griffin Museum Gallery area to 400 sq feet. DSI moved into the new space in February of 2012.

With the increased demand for fine art printing and framing, DSI ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2013 and was able to purchase new B&W equipment and expand their printing capability to 50" wide by up to 10' long for their true B&W printing services, thus becoming one of 5 labs in the country that can produce this level of quality. DSI Silver Gelatin Print® has been trademarked and this service has been sought after by a large national and international audience. DSI's work has been featured at Christies Auction House in NYC and various museums and galleries around the world.

DSI serves a broad base of clients who want a professional level quality of service, providing restoration of old photographs and a variety of printing options on archival materials as well las custom matting and framing. We also offer film and print scanning and fine art reproduction services for painters and artists.

Here is a video about the service DSI offers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9NR5DSC0ZI

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