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Welcome to Belmont-Watertown Local First

Belmont-Watertown Local First is a network of locally owned and independent businesses working to build a strong local economy and a vibrant community.

We love the people, the architecture, and the unique stores and shops that give Belmont and Watertown their special flavor. We’ve all seen the damage that can be done to a city when chain stores arrive: raising the rents, homogenizing the look and feel, driving out locally owned shops and stores and taking away a city’s distinctive character. It is a Belmont-Watertown Local First priority to prevent this from happening.

The character of our community is worth preserving. We hope you will join Belmont-Watertown Local First as a general or sponsoring member, or as a community associate, and help increase the strength and vitality of the community we cherish.


Belmont-Watertown Local First Celebrated our 3rd Anniversary in style at the Mount Auburn Club on November 20. It was a wonderful event! As in previous years people left happy, well fed, and feeling good about being local, independent, and in good company. Among those present were some who have been in business over 40 years, some who had established their business only months ago, and many in between, as well as some of our supporting community members and friends. We shared our stories, laughed a lot, and networked the night away. Everyone took home a raffle prize donated by generous members, and many a take-home container left the building with delicious food from a buffet table laden with delicious finger foods from our local member markets, restaurants, and bakeries and specialty shops.

Thanks to members who donated food and prizes; to those who helped set up and clean up; to Deb Smith, Esq. who moderated the discussion; to all in attendance, and, of course to our wonderful Sponsoring Members: Town Diner, Watertown Savings Bank, Real Estate 109, Cambridge Trust, Eastern Bank, Hopsters, and Monique's (all featured on the rotating banner above). The support of our business and community members in creating this organization, and this yearly event, is inspiring. So....

Onward into our 4th year! We plan to kick things up a notch with more networking events, promotion ops, and educational offerings this year. Watch this space and your emails for announcements. But wait...Here's one now:

The Planning (Steering) Committee will gather on Monday, December 8th from 6:30-8:00 PM in the Community Room at Eastern Bank in Watertown Square.

For more info, contact:

Rena Baskin, Community Liaison, 617-510-1648

For more info, email: info@bwlocalfirst.org

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Member Profile

Peace of Money was established by Charlo Mauer in 1999 as an independent financial advisory firm in reaction to the large financial institutions that are mostly interested in selling their clients life insurance and investments with high fees. She believes that everyone has the ability to understand financial matters, and that most of us never learned much more than how to manage a checking account. Coming from an education background, her general philosophy is one of educating clients about all areas of personal finance.

Charlo and Vera Kelsey-Watts are the financial advisors in the firm, and work interactively with clients to create practical and goal directed plans rather than to simply tell people what to do. In every meeting clients become a little more comfortable with the investment world as well as more secure in feeling that they are on the right path for their individual goals. The name of the business explains what we hope to give our clients: Peace of mind regarding their finances.

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